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Challenges of internalizing externalities

Re final essay: Analytic framework that you must address: Culture of capitalism/global commodity chains; Karl Polanyi’s Paradox; Negative externalities; Challenges of internalizing externalities
Dear Students,

Regarding the final essay: Whatever specific topic you choose, you need to synthesize the course’s fundamental issues by writing on each of the bullet-points below, though you can certainly write briefly on some items and more extensively on others (particularly on your chosen topic).

This approach is important as we try to inform our thinking about our eventual post-Coronavirus options to construct a much more equitable and sustainable world.

Stay safe,


Emphasize relationships and activities of labor, capitalists, nation-states, consumers, and the natural environment.

Culture of capitalism/global commodity chains
Global commodity chains
Karl Polanyis Paradox
Negative externalities
Challenges of internalizing externalities (= sustainability)