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Research question: did the amount of Medicare part D enrollees increase as a result of the Affordable Care Act mandate to lower out of pocket costs and close the coverage gap?

Research Objective: Determine if the amount of Medicare part D enrollees increase as a result of the ACA mandate to close the coverage gap, determine whether the ACA implementation decreased the out of pocket costs for Medicare part D beneficiaries and determine whether disabled Medicare part D participants have higher out of pocket responsibility than those age 65 and older

Methods (6 pages long) MAY USE 2 GRAPHS TO ILLUSTRATE***
Framework and model- research question (above) and data sources (2 pages)
Variables and measures- Medicare part D beneficiaries age 65 and older as well as younger disabled (2 Pages)
Design- compare out of pocket spending before the Affordable Care Act and after (2 Pages)
Analysis and results (2 pages)
The amount of Medicare part D enrollees increased as a result of the ACA mandate to close the coverage gap? The ACA implementation decreased the out of pocket costs for Medicare part D beneficiaries? Disabled Medicare part D participants have higher out of pocket responsibility than those age 65 and older?
Recommendation and conclusion (2 pages)
What are the implications President Donald Trump repealing/replacing the ACA for Medicare part D beneficiaries?

Please use ONLY the 2 links below to write the paper: (to research the questions)
(article with information to include in the research)

Accounting Homework – 10Ks – ALTERYX

The purpose of this assignment is to help you get started on the final project. Please read the 10-Ks, other SEC filings, and earnings conference calls of your firm and its competitors. Please make a check list on what you like to accomplish and then go through them and check them off.

Please carefully read the SEC filings and distinguish between what you know and what you dont know. Also, write how you would be able to find out what you dont know and the estimated time and effort. For this assignment, try to refer as many proxy statements as you can.



1. Collect additional data that you have not collected (e.g. go back more in time): conference calls, ownership,etc.

Depression, World War II and Beyond

Part 1: The Great Depression did not have its origins in the United States, even though its effects were deeply felt here. Write a detailed essay of at least 3 pages detailing the major causes of the Depression. How did President Hoover and the Republicans respond to the crisis? How did Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal change the course of American History? Be sure to discuss the specific solutions put forth by FDR, including the AAA, NIRA, CWA, CCC,WPA, FERA.

Part 2: America reacted to World War II in a similar manner it did to World War I- neutrality. How was the US manipulated from this position toward participation in the war? What events lead up to the war in Europe and why were we dragged into it? Also evaluate the decision of Harry Truman to drop the atomic bomb. Write at least 2-3 pages describing this part of the question.

Financial Mathematics

In this project, you will investigate the process of buying a house. For the purpose of this project, we will assume that you are going to graduate at the end of this semester, get a job, and begin saving for your first house. You will plan to buy your house five years after graduation. At that time, you will use the money youve saved as a down payment and take out a loan for the rest of the cost of the house.
As part of the project, you should address each of the following:
(a) Your projected salary for the first five years after you graduate. Describe what kind of job you
expect to have what starting monthly salary is realistic for that type of job. Project the salary over
five years, including raises and cost-of-living increases. (Support all your salary assumptions
with data and cite your sources.)
(b) Your savings and investments over the five-year period. For the purposes of this project, assume
that 10% of the monthly salary you projected in Step 1 will be invested in a deferred annuity.
Research the types of deferred annuities available to you and describe the terms, fees, and APR.
Use the amount of money you will be able to save each month, the interest rate you have found,
and your knowledge of annuities to compute how much money you will have after five years.
Dont forget to deduct any state and federal taxes you will be paying on your income from the
annuities. Estimate your taxes on income from annuities at 20% federal and 7% state.
(c) How much you can afford to spend on a home and what your monthly mortgage expenses will be.
To determine how much you can afford to spend on a home, use your estimate of how much you
have saved for a down payment and assume that your down payment is 15% of the cost of the
home. Research the types of home loans currently available to someone with you credit rating
and income (assume income at the end of the five-year period.) Describe the terms of a loan you
might be able to take out, including the interest rate, type and length of loan, and loan origination
fees. Once you have found a loan, project your monthly mortgage payments (be sure to include
property taxes and insurance). Once again, cite all the sources for your data and show all the
formulas you are using for your calculations.

Global Poverty

For this assignment, I want you to reflect on some of the global issues of our time. You can write in response to any of the below prompts. All I ask is that in your paper you use and cite the appropriate readings from class, as well as provide a proper works cited page for your paper. I also encourage you to use related, non-class readings if you think it would help make your case-but again, you must cite these sources and provide a works cited page. The paper should begin with a thesis and use citations. I will look carefully to see that your papers exhibit understanding of the texts and course materials as well as good, creative writing.

topic : Is the issue of global poverty appropriately part of the concept of international justice? What are the most appropriate aid or development programs to fight global poverty?
single spaced.