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case in Finance

writing of a case study on Target corporation

A) Selected firm/organization for your case study: Target Corporation
B) Sector/ industry/ market in which the firm operates and its contexts
(country, region, continent, city, ) : In USA
C) Identify and describe the central/ main problem, challenge, dilemma that
your case study will deal with:
D) Identify and describe the main financial topic that your case study will
address (eg capital budgeting, financial planning and forecasting, corporate
finance, foreign investment, diversification via mergers or acquisitions,
E) Identify and describe related secondary non-financial topics that your
case study will also address (eg change management issues, family
business issues (eg succession), marketing issues (
new products and services development, development of digital platforms, ),
operations (eg investments in new production systems or automatization,
quality assurance and improvement), selling and procurement issues (eg
imports and exports), international expansion (eg franchises), supply chain
management ( eg logistics, store management, ), customer service issues
(eg investments in CRM platforms, )
F) Identify and describe the scope of the problem- the extend of the
a. Departments/ subsidiaries/ business units/ corporations of the firm that
will be involved in the problem/ decision-making (eg marketing
department, finance department, )
b. External and internal stakeholders of the firm that will be involved in the
problem/ decision- making of your case study (eg employees,
managers, heads of department, foreign investors, suppliers, banks,
shareholders, family members

The Case should consist minimum of four primary parts: The introduction, The background and the core analysis and the appendixes.