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Can models of self-management support be adapted across cancer types? A comparison of unmet self-management needs for patients with breast or colorectal cancer

Oral Presentation
For the Group Oral Presentation, you will need to take the following steps:

1. Choose a research paper that has been published virtually in a peer-reviewed magazine or journal.

2. Read the study/research and analyze all its details.

3. Decide among group members the sections that each person will present.

4. Organize your presentation by using a Ppt document.

The Ppt document should contain:

1. A cover slide

2. At least one slide per each section:

a. Abstract

b. Introduction

c. Method

d. Results

e. Discussion

f. Limitations and Implications

g. Conclusion

h. References:

this slide should only provide info on the study you are presenting;

use APA style

When presenting the research:

1. you cannot use complete sentences

2. use bullet points of ideas you will be presenting

3. do not read from flashcards/notes, etc.

4. present your information orally

this implies that you need to master the content

do not get into details of variables; instead, focus on the meaning and content

5. any names of authors, dates, data, results, specific terminology should appear on the slides

6. use large letter fonts that are clearly visible for the audience

7. apply clear contrast between colors of the letters and the background of the slide

8. any images, tables, graphs, figures should be large and clear

Do not forget to make your presentation interesting!