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Caligula insane?

Primary and Scholarly Source Analysis Papers 4-5 pages We will be tackling six big questions that historians have posed about the past and look at how they have used various sources to answer them. Each week we will discuss one question and its source collection of scholarly articles and book excerpts, primary documents, literary sources, and visual sources. At the end of each collection there will be a section called Historical Thinking Prompts. You will choose one prompt to serve as the question for your paper and will craft a thesis argument to answer it. Then you will use the sources from the collection to write a paper supporting your thesis. The second paper can be written on any of the last three collections (Was Caligula Insane?, How did non-Muslims Experience Muslim Rule?, and Did Western Europe, the Islamic Empire, and Asia interact in the early Middle Ages?). Be sure that your paper is well organized, clearly written, and that arguments are firmly backed up with evidence and direct quotes from the source material. You may use footnotes or parenthetical (MLA or APA) notation but must cite your sources. Papers should be 4-5 pages double spaced, 12 point font. this is an argumentative paper distinguishing the differences between the the primary and scholar sources.the sources are provided in the article- she wants you to show how the primary sources support or contradict the historians. Please follow her instructions.