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Business Policy

A significant part of the learning experience in the course is the group project. The goal of this project is to help you to apply your knowledge and skills to an interesting, current strategic situation facing a real-life company. Your group will identify key strategic issue/s facing the company and research its current situation. The group will then present its strategic recommendations for the company. The output of this process is a 10-15 page company report (double-spaced, including exhibits), which follows the guidelines of a written case analysis. You are encouraged to conduct as much original research as possible (for example, through personal interviews), in addition to using the Internet and our bricks and mortar library.
You should seriously consider focusing your project on your current, future, or potential employers, or other companies in an industry that you are currently working or considering to work in. Ideally, you should end the semester with a product of immediate value to yourself and an employer.

Grading Criteria for Written Assignments
In grading your written assignments (case write-ups and team project) I use the following criteria. Read them carefully before you start any assignment and before you hand it in:

(a) Rigor of Analysis: Your groups project and your case write-ups should use the appropriate frameworks from the class that are germane to the problem.
(b) Logical Consistency: Your recommendations should be logically consistent with your analysis. You should also not recommend an alternative that you have not carefully analyzed.
(c) Realistic Recommendations: While I do not want to discourage you from being creative, it is important that you consider the organizational realities that may act as barriers to certain strategies (e.g., politics, culture, access to resources). Also consider the organizational consequences and changes necessary to initiate any bold moves.
(d) Clarity of Writing: Papers should be addressed to a managerial audience. This means that you should outline carefully, write clearly and concisely, and use appropriate tables and graphics to support your argument. Given that the writing and analysis for your group project will probably be divided up among your group members, make sure that the paper reads smoothly (e.g. consistent writing style, format, etc.).