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bullying in school

The discussion will focus the effects of bullying as being an attitude that is caused by the formal education. The main aim of the paper will be on how bullying is negative attitude, and this will include the benefits of formal education that aims to curb it. Additionally, the discussion will illustrate my opinion on how I feel and perceived bullying in the past and what I now feel about it.

Bullying in school entails the physical, psychological and emotional stress subjected to an individual by a group or by a single individual in schools. It could be in terms of physical fight, hazing or pinching (Orue & Calvete, 2017). Moreover, school bullying can be displayed in other forms such as emotional torture through the spread of malicious rumors about an individual, false accusation or the use of vulgar language on an individual or group of individuals based on their age, gender, and social class.

There are also discriminatory norms of gender that shape up the subservience of the women and superiority of the men in the society. Such a problem has been worsened by the gender inequality in the community. The system of education on the other hand also tends to work on the viewpoint of social factors that are a reflection and duplication of environments that have fail to offer protection children from violence, and such increases cases of bullying.

Education versus bullying

The effects of school bullying by both teachers and students is crucial among students at puberty stage. Most of them tend to lose their self-esteem, and this makes them not to fully concentrate on their studies resulting in poor academic performances in schools (Palmer & Abbott, 2018). The major outcomes of school bullying therefore include, dropping out of school, missing of classes, and non-taking part in school activities.

In conclusion, students who are victims of bullying usually perform dismally in schools thus making them have lower probability of advancing their education to higher levels. Notably, victims of bullying fail in different subjects such as Mathematics, English and general sciences. The act of bullying always creates tension and fear in schools resulting in an unfair learning environment leading to low quality of education.