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Building, Environment, Technology and Framed Structures

ScenarioSonning Village Community Centre Management Committee (SVCCMC) have received a very substantial bequest from a former committee chairman.He has stipulated that the money should be invested in a new community centre to replace the existing one (Appendix A).The Committees brief includes the following requirements: a light, suitably-sized clear space that can be used for large meetings, dance, choral presentations; a kitchen and serving/caf area which will encourage the public to use the building; separate male and female WCs, an accessible toilet, and baby changing facilities; a two-person office; two storage rooms; one small meeting room (minimum size: 4m x 5m); to be as sustainable as possible, the design should:o maximise natural light;o utilise Low Carbon Technologies where appropriate;o enablemaximumflexibilityoftheinternallayoutsothatfuturechangesandchangedrequirements can easily be accommodated. all spaces need to be on the same single storey with no steps throughout the building and with Inclusive design as a key priority.SVCCMC have engaged consultants whose initial proposals have not been met with much enthusiasm from the Committee. They have suggested a traditional load-bearing masonry building and have proposed the attached proposed floor plan (Appendix B).The Committee want to consider alternatives. You have been engaged to provide a professional report which considers and evaluates a number of issues that are shown below.CodeLO1Identify the concepts and principles associated with the building, environment and technology of framed structures and be able to present, evaluate and interpret them using sketches, drawings and in written form.LO2LO3Evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches, materials and construction in framed or similar buildings in accordance with building, environment and technology theories and sustainability. University College of Estate Management 2020 Page 2 of 11TaskProduce a professional report for the Committee (SVCCMC) which includes the following:1. Your professional judgment as to the extent to which the proposed floor plan (Appendix B) will satisfy the Committees brief;2. A clear explanation as to the advantages of framed construction (over load bearing masonry construction) given the brief for the building and the range of activities planned;3. An option appraisal which considers the advantages and disadvantages of steel, concrete and timber as the principal framing material in this particular context. From this appraisal, a formal proposal for the frame material must be clearly justified. Given the sustainability concerns of the Committee, your proposal must include a consideration of the sustainability aspects of your choice of structural frame, both in construction and in operation;4. An identification of the likely ground conditions (based on British Geological Survey (BGS) information) using a UK postcode of RG4 9SL. This information is to be used to explain what the foundation options are, what your professional recommendation is for the foundations for the proposed frame