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Build a current research-based literature review on children/students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders.

Assignment #2: JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW: (15 Points)

Characteristics and issues pertaining to children with Emotional Behavioral Disorders
The purpose of this assignment is to build a current research-based literature review on children/students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders, with references that can be utilized in upcoming assignments in this course and others. You will provide a summary of the research gathered from the articles selected. Research, compile and react to a minimum of five (5) research articles related to issues and current practices that support diverse and culturally appropriate curricular experiences for students with emotional behavioral disorders in the general and special education classrooms. Examples include educational approaches, behavioral management techniques, or strategies to support students with multiple varieties of EBD.

These articles must be either:

Recent peer-reviewed journal articles
Government reports
Key reports
Landmark publications
Media related reports

Your dossier will include the following:

An introduction with a description of the topic related to an EBD issue that you selected, including comments on the reason for selecting the topic and its relevance to general and special education teachers.
Review your research articles and provide a summary about each selection. Include a reflective commentary indicating the perspectives highlighted by each selection. Comment on the points discussed as well as new ideas or views on the topic you selected.
Conclusion: add concluding comments on the topic. Provide a narrative describing the main findings gathered through the review of the articles and documents about the topic and how it informs your practices on global diversity issues as a teacher leader.
References: include a reference list following Nova APA 7th guidelines.