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British Politics

Was the Conservatives electoral dominance 1951-64 the result of their defeating Labours policies and values or the result of their adopting them? Information: These questions are not prescriptive. They are mostly expressed in relatively broad terms, and specific citations or authorities are intended as a way of introducing the broader topic Because the questions are broadly conceived, it is understood that comprehensive answers may not be possible. The most effective answers will demonstrate the ability to frame and develop a clear line of argument within a wider context; but often a clear and explicit focus is the key to a really strong essay. You therefore have considerable latitude in how you shape and focus your argument, and you will get the credit for this where you do so effectively. It is often appropriate to accentuate particular themes, texts or personalities in structuring and developing your argument, and no essay will be marked down for doing this. It is however crucially important that you outline the approach you are taking at the outset of the essay, and to show your awareness of the wider context for your arguments. The course is structured around individual topics but our approach to these is informed by the interconnections between them. For example, we are interested in forms of party and ideological competition, the development of issues over time and the wider validity of commonly used concepts like consensus. Where essays show an awareness of this broader context in approaching specific topics this will also be reflected in the mark. The model answer for this course will show an ability both to handle key concepts and to illustrate and substantiate arguments advanced with relevant evidence. Purely narrative answers or answers lacking such substantiation are unlikely to achieve the highest marks Please use lots of citations and source material