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Briefly describe the modality you are investigating (which is thalassotherapy)

Your mission is to try and find credible sources to support the claims of your assigned modality.Here’s what you need to do in a 3-4 page Word document (not including the bibliography) in MLA format:1) Briefly describe the modality you are investigating (which is thalassotherapy).2) Each modality makes multiple claims, so state the claim you are finding textual support for. This will be the most fun if you try to corroborate the modality’s strongest (or, least believable) claim (e.g., Fingernail Clipping Therapy [FCT] “cures cancer,” rather than “FCT relaxes you”).3) List what you believe are references for 3 credible text sources for why your assigned modality works to promote the stated claim. (Do not use sources already assigned in the class.)Note: If you cannot find credible sources, you should still post sources and state why you think they are not credible.4) With each source state why you believe this source is credible. (You can add additional sources here, if necessary, to support your point.)Note: Even if you don’t personally believe the modality works for the stated claim it does not matter, as this assignment is all about research techniques.5) Tell readers whether you would personally use this modality, and under what circumstances.6) Include a bibliography (in APA/MLA), and cite all information you get from sources.