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Biochemistry is not only important in medical and clinical settings but is also relevant to nutrition studies. What we consume within the body is important for our metabolism and plays an important role in keeping us healthy. Biochemical profiles are tested when laboratory tests are done to determine whether an individual is healthy or not since the enzyme profiles tell the clinician whether the levels are normal or not.

There are 20 amino acids that construct proteins. Humans can make only 11 of them. Amino acids that cannot be generated in the body need to be supplemented by the diet and are called “essential amino acids”. Select an article about a disease or pathological condition caused by low or high protein intake by people.

Begin by choosing an article of interest to you, one that you think your classmates would appreciate. For example, the website of Dr. MercolaOpens in a new window offers educational information on risks of consuming too much protein.

Follow the instructions on the Article Review PageOpens in a new window and remember to include a link to your chosen website!


Required Format-

The Article Review should have the following:

Article Link



What was studied

Glossary of terms

For each discussion you are required to post an original entry and responses to at least three of your classmates entries. You will be graded on both the quantity and quality of your entries. Highest scores will be given to those of you who write substantive and informative entries with links to reputable scientific sources.