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Best examples of European Grouping of territorial Cooperation

I need a PowerPoint presentation of the above title.

The topic of your presentation should be the following:

Best examples of European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)

As a start for the EGTC topic I will give an overall and general presentation about the EGTCs as such (What are they? Why they have been established? What is the legal background of their operation? etc.)

In order to see what I will present and to avoid overlapping with my presentation, I am attaching for you my draft slides.

But what I will NOT do in my presentation, to present specific and successful examples of EGTCs in Europe. This is what your presentation should be about!

Your presentation should be around 40 mins long and it should cover:

choose at least 4 EGTC (mainly in Western Europe) with a considerably longer history. Find those EGTCs which are good examples! Feel free to choose among the many EGTCs you will find, but I would recommend to check out the following ones:
HC EGTC (at the Spanish-French border, in Cerdanya/Cerdagne) (
Chaves_Verin Eurocity (
The European Campus (Ecuor) EGTC (
Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk – Tournai (
Duero-Douro EGTC (
Nouvelle Aquitaine-Euskado-Navarre EGTC (
present these EGTCs focusing on
their history
what kind of challenges they want(ed) to tackle and in what kind of sectors the members of the EGTCs are working together?
Who are the members of the different EGTCs? What kind of common organs or bodies they have?
Present specific projects and plans they have and future outlook
Challenges and successes of their cooperation