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Beach Carrier case

Likely a good idea to include the SWOT analysis in your assignment. I would like to see your logic for building your strategy.
+/- 5 pages double spaced
Usually 11 font with normal 1 margins. Structure might look like this:
Intro, you would lay out the current state of affairs in the case, what’s happening right now
Then your SWOT
Then your analysis providing options that she might use,
Then in your conclusion, your chosen alternative and why you selected that option and what you hope to achieve by choosing that option.

When you’re an entrepreneur, there is no ‘guide’ or a set of instructions. You need to look at the entire situation that Mary Ricci is presented with and the limited information that is available and you need to decide what you would do if it was your company.
As an entrepreneur, no one is going to be there to tell you what to do and this assignment is just like that.