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Balancing Family and Work (ethos, pathos, and logos)

Essay # 4: Evaluation Essay Length: 3-5 typed pages (double-spaced) Layout: Your name, my name, the name of our course, and the date in upper left hand corner; 12 point font; Times New Roman; One-inch margins on all sides; Headers on each page in upper right hand corner; Title for essay Topic: Slaughter and Dorment (about balancing family and work) Article: “Why Woman Still Can’t Have It All” By Anne-Marie Slaughter and “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All” By Richard Dorment. Your essay should include -a thoughtful introduction that briefly summarizes the two articles and ends with a clear, well-written thesis -several body paragraphs with topic sentences and strong support–your body paragraphs should evaluate the two essays using Aristotles rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, and logos) -a well-written conclusion that not only reaffirms your main points but also answers the overall so what question