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Awake, a Dream from Standing Rock

MUST WATCH FILM: Awake, a Dream from Standing Rock

A short essay about the film seen (3 pages, double-spaced) analyzing the human rights issues portrayed in the film following the guidelines below. You need to refer to the following readings: Kyle Powys Whyte, “The Dakota Access Pipeline, Environmental Justice, and U.S. Colonialism;” Judith Walker & Pierre Walter, “Learning about social movements through news media: deconstructing New York Times and Fox News representations of Standing Rock

Your essay should include the following: 1) your own personal reaction to the film; 2) reference to one key human rights document addressing the issues; 3) factual information about the specific issue/conflict from a reliable source (e.g. a book/journal article, a report from a human rights organization such as Human Rights Watch); 4) the name of an organization working in these issues/area, its url, and one sentence indicating what they do; 5) reference to at least two of the required readings (excluding human rights documents).Weave this information and the film together. If applicable, make references to class discussion. Avoid long quotes; rather summarize an authors position and argument, or the main points of a human rights/legal document. If you quote, one sentence should suffice.