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Assessing Quality of Telehealth and Telemedicine

1. Introduction of Topic – Accurately introduces topic of discussion in an organized and well-detailed manner; clearly articulates rationale for why this is an important issue for healthcare professionals and consumers

2. Current Uses of Telehealth – Accurately defines telehealth and telemedicine and its use in various settings including your selected state; identifies populations served by telehealth; describe the role of the telehealth nurse; explores various types of systems/ equipment

3. Advantages and Disadvantages to Use of Telehealth – More than 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages from a nursing and/or patient perspective are identified and supported by citations. Six or more in total.

4. Future Recommendations for Telehealth – Based on cited evidence of how telenursing affects the patient regarding personal privacy rights, and ethical principles.

5. Summary – Summary is detailed and accurate; content reflects significant depth and insight into topic