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Assess framework requirements for information systems integration processes

1. Assess framework requirements for information systems integration processes
2. Explain the importance of establishing strategies for information sourcing strategies across various industries
3. Contrast system integration processes related to merger and acquisitions with integrating new technology with existing information systems

1.Antecedents of information systems sourcing strategies in U.S. hospitals: A longitudinal study (
2. Beyond integration readiness level (IRL): A multidimensional framework to facilitate the integration of system of systems. (
3. Understanding information systems integration deficiencies in mergers and acquisitions: A configurational perspective. (


Through research, find a recent merger/acquisition that has produced less than satisfactory results. Describe the results and state would you would have done differently.

Participation Requirements:

Consult the grading rubric in the Faculty & Course Info section for the grading criteria.

Original discussion board posts:

Create a thread for your original post identified with your name.
An average of 350-500 words in length with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
Include supportive evidence, such as direct applicable experience and expert sources.
Due no later than Wednesday, 11:59 pm, CT
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Respond to two peers, minimum (you are expected to continue to engage with peers and instructor beyond these two responses)
Initial Peer responses due Friday, 11:59 pm, CT
Remain engaged in the discussion through Sunday, 11:59 pm, CT