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Artificial Intelligence

For our last brief response essay, we will be revisiting themes and strategies that we have considered throughout the semester. After reading and annotating four assigned articles, you will enter the conversation about artificial intelligence. You will need to introduce and summarize what they say. You should not attempt to summarize each source individually. Rather, your goal will be to identify, connect, and present the main points and key ideas that best contextualize your response.
You will then need to provide your response to this conversation. Where do you agree or disagree with the argument or position being put forth? What ideas do you find most interesting or convincing? Is one argument more or less effective than another? What ideas have been overlooked, omitted, or de-emphasized? Your response should identify and engage with specific ideas and aspects of the individual texts, as you develop, explain, and support you position.
Outside sources (beyond the assigned readings) are not required. Remember to use the templates from They Say / I Say to help guide your writing
*** Please note that this essay is significantly shorter than the others (approximately 500 words). You will need to be concise and precise in your presentation of the conversation and in your response. Also note, that you will not be turning in a rough draft or completing a peer review for this essay. A discussion forum will be created for the class to post questions and to request and provide feedback, but participation in the discussion forum will be optional.