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artifact- Gender inequality and women in the workplace

Show and Tell: (Due: Once during the semester) 15%
The show and tell assignment gives each individual student the opportunity to link something found outside of the classroom about sociology to course material that will be discussed in relation to that weeks reading (see the course outline for weekly topics). Students are required to identify a cultural textual artifact, bring it into class and facilitate a small group discussion for roughly 10-15 minutes. A textual artifact consists of any visual (i.e. commercial, movie, television show, etc) or print document (i.e. magazine or newspaper article, advertisement, pamphlet, policy statement, certificate, website, journal article, survey form, etc). For example, artifacts might include a newspaper article from that weeks paper, selected scenes from a movie, YouTube videos, scenes from television shows, magazine pictures and/or articles, a childrens book, etc.
Show and tell will consist of the class being broken up into groups and facilitators (those who bring show and tell items) providing a brief introduction about their show and tell artifact to one group. Facilitators will then be tasked with leading a group discussion about the artifact. Facilitators are encouraged to activate critical sociological insights about the artifact to the group.
On the day of your facilitation, facilitators should hand in the following:
An in-depth description of your textual artifact (1 paragraph in length). At the end of the description, you must explain why you chose this artifact.
A short critical sociological analysis (2-4 paragraphs) that links up to your artifact with sociological content discussed in the chapter that you have been assigned. In this section, you must discuss how this artifact connects to chapter content.
A minimum of six discussion questions based on the sociological analysis that you will use to lead a 10-15-minute small group discussion about your artifact at the beginning of class for the day in which you have been assigned. Your questions should be geared towards activating how sociology provides critical insights into the artifact.

Your assignment should be typed (double space) and prepared before class begins and handed into the instructor immediately following your discussion. Students who do not hand in their assignments at the beginning of class will result in an automatic letter grade deduction for this assignment.
Grading will be based on the quality of the introduction (25%), critical analysis (50%) and your discussion/critical questions (25%). Quality of grammar and writing can impact your grade so ensure that you proofread your assignment and are clear in your writing.