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Area 51 and the Aliens Conspiracy theories

In your paper, evaluate the merits of the conspiracy theory. What evidence and reasoning in the
argument seem plausible, and why? Are there logical fallacies that the argument uses? If so,
what are they, and how do they weaken the argument? Given your analysis, what is your overall
assessment of this theory?. Summarize the theory in your introduction. Consider these things: what is the official story, what is the conspiracy theory, and who believes the conspiracy theory (perhaps
including, who has something to gain by promoting the theory?)
Dont forget that your introduction should end with a thesis statement that you will
discuss and support throughout the paper.
2. In your body paragraphs (your well-defined and well-organized body paragraphs),
analyze elements of the theory and discuss whether the points that the conspiracy
theorists make are credible or not (and why). As suggested earlier, consider use of any
logical fallacies.
3. You will quote from the sources you use and cite your sources correctly in your works
cited page.
4. In your conclusion , based on your discussion in your paper, what is your overall
assessment of this theory?
(If you find the theory credible, that is okay. What, especially, was most convincing to