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Anthropology Of Film

THE YOUTUBE LINK RIGHT HERE: ON PAPER:Write 2 paragraphs discussing some aspect of Never on Sunday, using the vocabulary and concepts we have learned over the course of this semester. Cite the readings as needed.Remember, we are not summarizing the film or commenting as film reviewers. We are analyzing the visual data for what these can tell us about the way the film is constructed, how does it reflect cultural norms, whose culture is portrayed???This is not about the author’s intentions, but about what we, as anthropology students, can find in the way this film communicates culture and the ways this film was constructed (the scenes selected to tell the story, what was not selected, etc.).I WILL BE PROVIDING PICTURES OF RUBRICS AND NOTES ON WHAT YOU CAN USE TO HELP YOU WRITE THIS.I WILL ALSO PROVIDE THE TEXTBOOKS/SOURCES THAT WE USE FOR THIS COURSE PLEASE USE THEM. YOU CAN FIND THE PDF EBOOK FILES FOR THEM ON GOOGLE:Hughes-Freeland, F., ed. Pink, S., et. al. (2005) Chapter 13: Working images: epilogue 204-218.