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Animal Farm by George Orwell Vs. The Truman Show by Peter Weir

Write a 7-8 page (double-spaced) comparison essay with a research component. Your task is to present a clear thesis statement about two eligible course texts and then support it in a thoughtful and well-organized manner. Use one of the topics below as a starting point in developing your thesis. As with the previous essay, you are expected to compare and contrast the texts and explain why the similarities and differences are significant. You must use textual evidence (quotations from your primary sources) and close textual analysis to support your thesis. In addition, in this essay you must strengthen your argument by including quotations from at least two appropriate (read: credible, applicable, probably current) secondary sources. You are expected to cite all sources – primary and secondary – according to MLA style guidelines. Please save time to edit and proofread your work carefully.Topic 4 – Compare and contrast Animal Farm: A fairytale by George Orwell(novella) & The Truman Show by Peter Weir (film). Establish a basis for comparing the texts and then examine how the satirists use the respective forms to deliver their satire. Be sure to use the appropriate critical vocabulary in analyzing your primary texts.(1) As you observe, Weir targets media (reality TV in particular). To what extent does Orwell’s critique of government in Animal Farm also include a critique of media? Consider, for instance, the propaganda used by the pigs as a form of media.(3) What are the specific conventions of these different forms (i.e. in film we can talk about the different camera angles and what these convey)? How is the criticism of social institutions expressed through these forms? Consider, how The Truman Show not only critiques reality TV but also plays with the conventions of film. Does Orwell do something similar in Animal Farm (we can start by thinking about his use of the subtitle “A Fairy Story”)?