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The instructions for the written assignment are as follow:
1. The essay is to follow the same guidelines as the presentation (see sections a e). Each section will be a comprehensive and originally written content, you will need to use supportive literature, you will need to credit such literature (APA/MLA style no penalties for structure). Just need to be evident that an external source was used.
2. Photos / graphs / additional resources can be used. Appendix is preferred.
There is no word count but a maximum of 7 pages should suffice. Size 12 times new roman single space and normal format.

The purpose of the presentation is to further your knowledge about disease process, establish basic skills in disease research, and identify prevalence and the implication on patients health.

Data presented:
1. Choose a disease process relevant to you.
2. Indicate the following
a. Brief introduction disease/condition name and origin, system(s) organ(s) involved.
b. Statistical information about mortality/morbidity (deaths/disease rates) in the U.S. You can present local information for our state if available.
c. Common signs and symptoms (disease manifestation)
d. Common diagnostic measures – how do we know/confirm the patient has the disease (try to find the golden standard of diagnosis).
e. Curative measures (if any) and any future research.
3. Avoid repetition. Provide a reference list for your information.