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Analyzing Your Organization Using Nadler and Tushmans Model

1. Describe the key input factors that influence the organization: a. The external environment (including political, economic, social, technological and ecological factors). b. The organizations history (including its culture) and the resources it has access to. 2. What is the strategy of the organization? Is it in line with the organizations environmental inputs and its history (including its culture) and resources? 3. Are the components of the transformation processes well aligned with the input factors and the strategy? These elements include:a. The work b. The formal organization c. The people d. The informal organization (part of which is the culture that manifests itself in different parts of the organization. e. How do they interact with one another in ways that influence the outputs produced by the organization? 4. What outputs are being achieved? Are these the desired outputs? 5. When you evaluate your organizations outputs at the individual, group, and organizational levels, what issues should the organization address? 6. Are there any aspects of how your organization works that you have difficulty understanding? If so, identify the resources you would need to access to help with this analysis. 7. Use your answers to fill in the visual model.(Graphic Below) – see below – Create a PPT or MS Word Drawing to fill in your answers.