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Analyze two literary or media texts for determinacy vs indeterminacy

Both of these media texts should be non-journalistic or non-theoretical in basis. Think: Short stories, movies, novels, video games, songs/albums, and so on. Theoretical essays and journalistic reports may be useful as supporting evidence, but they should not be the primary media texts you are analyzing. Also note that your two primary media texts for analysis should be somewhat oppositional to one another. In other words, pick one text that reflects one side of your oppositional binary and another that represents the other side of the oppositional binary.

Your essay must analyze at exactly two literary or media texts. In the paper document am going to upload there is a few different songs:
.Andrews Sisters, The. Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo). 1947. Written by Bib Hilliard and Carl
Signman.50th Anniversary Collection, UMG Recordings, 1987.
CocoRosie. End of Time. Tales of a Grasswidow, Transistor Recordings, 2013.
Nine Inch Nails. Right Where It Belongs. With Teeth, Nothing/Interscope Records, 2005.
Talking Heads. Nothing but Flowers. Naked, Sire Records, 1988

Pick one of this song to analyze whether it is for determinacy or indeterminacy and then search for a different song and analyze it for the opposite.
These two texts should be parallel in medium (ie “two films,” “two songs,” “two short stories,” etc) and opposite in terms of the binary tension you’ve chosen (one “deterministic” text vs. one “indeterministic” text). You’ll use these two texts to explore DETERMINACY vs. INDETERMINACY