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Analyze a work of creative literature on eating disorders and how it makes a claim about the work itself.

be 900-1100 words. have a descriptive title. contain a clear thesis statement that makes a claim about your topic and that is specific, significant, and arguable. The predicate of your thesis statement should be the claim of your essay. explain and support your thesis through the use of academically and ethically sound evidence. use proper MLA documentation and manuscript format. You must cite at least three sources for evidence on your topic. At least one of these must be accessed by the library databases. Social media and content sharing sites (Wikipedia, e-How, etc.) are not acceptable as sources. You must also cite the source of the work, in addition to the three reference citations. Your paper may contain graphics or links if to other media if you wish, but you must cite the sources for any graphics. include at least three quotations in the text of the essay, properly composed and documented drawing evidence from the literary text itself. contain unified, coherent, well-developed paragraphs with strong topic sentences, with clear and logical transitions between the paragraphs. be formatted according to MLA guidelines Your first formal writing assignment will be one that analyzes a work of creative literature and makes a claim about the work itself.Write about how this particular work you choose comments on your chosen topic for the semester. My chosen topic was eating disorders. you will write on a literary selection of your choice, found in the course of your research. It must be a specific work of creative literature that has a theme or topic related to the overarching topic you have chosen to work on for the semester. You will be examining how your topic is portrayed in the chosen work.