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Analysing the national study of hearing

Using appropriate descriptive statistics:
– Show a useful representation of the hearing thresholds for each age group
(averaged over ear and sex),
– Report the number of mild (>=25dB), moderate (>=45dB) and severe
(>=65dB) impairment in the various age groups (as function of ears (left vs.
right), only air conduction).
Using appropriate inferential statistics, answer the following research questions:
– Who hears better: woman or men?
– How good does hearing threshold predict speech perception in noise?
Investigate different frequencies and combinations of frequencies.
Be careful in your analysis to consider various factors like age and frequencies.
Choose the appropriate test(s) (from the following set: n-way Anova, t-test, KruscalWallis, Wilcoxon, Mann Whitney, Friedman). For the prediction, use linear
Discuss the results and the validity of your findings.