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Analyse effective change management in organisations.

For this task you should consider yourself a management consultant who has been recruited by a company to advise them on how to implement a planned change.

Read carefully the requirements
Knowledge and Understanding
1. Analyse effective change management in organisations.
2. Understand theories relating to motivation and/or leadership, critically evaluating how organisations put them into practice.
3. Promote a professional and ethical approach to organisations.
Transferable Skills and other Attributes
1. Apply planning, organising, decision-making and time management skills appropriate for use in an organisational context.
2. Experiment and develop personal initiative and responsibility in undertaking complex investigations in the solving of organisational problems and issues.
3. Critically analyse and apply key ideas and concepts via comprehensive research relevant both to the subject area and to professional practice in the field.
4. Use terminology associated with the subject area accurately and in a way, which demonstrates sophisticated knowledge and understanding.
5. Develop and enhance individually and/or collaboratively effective written and/or oral communication skills for both specialist and non-specialist audiences.