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American women’s contributions to the war effort during WWII

Format/Style: Use the Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

Length of Paper: As noted above, the body of your paper should be at least 5-typed, double-spaced pages (but no more than 10-pages in length). The 5-10 pages in the body of your paper do not include your citation (bibliography) or title pages. The citation and title pages are separate from the body of your paper.

Sources: Sources should be used with citations made in the body of your report. At a minimum, your paper should include at least 5-references (source citations should be noted within the text of your paper, as well as a citation (bibliography) page listing all of your references at the end of your paper. Your in text sources should be as per MLA. A separate page (citation page) listing all of your citations used in your report should follow the body of your paper, and each source should be listed as per MLA format. You can garner 5-points extra-credit by utilizing a primary source in your paper. If you do use a Primary Source (PS), your PS must be listed in text (to alert the reader where the PS is used in your paper) and listed properly on your citation page (as per MLA). Additionally, your PS must be listed under its own title (Primary Source) separated and apart from your secondary sources (which should also be listed under their own title…Secondary Sources) in order to receive the extra-credit points. Please see more details on paper sources on the Course Announcement Page