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American History Introductory Survey Since 1877

Title: How did the United States domestic policies change /or evolve over time? Politically, Economically or Socially?

The university requires that Gordon Rule students must demonstrate college-level writing skills in written work with the following characteristics:

It has a clear purpose and thesis or controlling idea.
The thesis is supported with adequate reasons and evidence.
It shows sustained analysis and critical thought.
It is organized clearly and logically.
It shows knowledge of conventions of standard written English.
It shows awareness of disciplinary conventions in regard content, style, form, and delivery method.

Papers: Paper topics will be announced at least two weeks prior to the due date and discussed during the lecture and during the discussion sessions before they are due. Please note that you are NOT ALLOWED to use outside sources for your papers, with the exception of articles/books approved by your Instructor.

Paper Format

* Document your sources using the Chicago-style format.

* Number your pages (not including the title page, if used).

* Double-space your text, except for notes

* Papers must be formatted using the Chicago-style Format. Please use the Owl Purdue Writing Lab Website to assist you with any formatting issues.

Website: (Links to an external site.)

Please note: The use of anyone elses words in my written work without quotes and citations whether from another student, from assigned readings, or from outside sources (which are not to be used in this course anyway!)constitutes plagiarism and will be reported to the University.