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Alzheimers Disease

In a six (6)-page paper summarize your findings. Explain why the topic is relevant and important to older individuals, their families, and society in general. Consider its relevance to an aging society with increasing longevity. Develop a clear and concise topic/research question. Your topic must address aging, longevity and the aged. Topics must be approved in advance by the instructor.

Include title and reference pages using APA format. The total number of pages will be eight (8) Title page (page 1), six-page research paper (pages 2-7), and reference page (page 8).

Make use of the websites recommended in the syllabus. Do not use or cite Wiki pages.

Administration on Aging


American Society on Aging

Gerontological Society of America

Social Security Administration

United States Census Bureau

NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA)

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene