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Ah, But the Breezes…. Noelle Oxenhandler

I attached copies of the pages from my class book. Pursuing Happiness a bedford spotlight reader
Matthew Parfitt
Dawn Skorczeski

1. Your paper must be 3 to 3.5 pages long, double spaced.
2. It must follow MLA style and format.
3. You must address the prompt you choose in a thesis statement that you develop and support during the paper. Pay attention to the underlined portion of each prompt, as that portion determines your papers focus.
4. You must provide relevant quotes from the source texts to support your thesis.
5. If you use additional sources, be sure they are reliable, relevant, and properly cited.
6. Choose one of choices below to write your paper.

Choice 3: Noelle Oxenhandler, Ah, But the Breezes
Compare Oxenhandlers views to those of Aristotle (Nicomachean Ethics, p. 82). What part do ideas about the good life play in Oxenhandlers essay?