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Agree or disagree with the following statement: ENG 102 students should not be required to read short stories. Explain.

Write a 600-800 word argument essay, and try to incorporate Aristotles appeals. Do not use outside sources. You may only use the Norton anthology. I will evaluate you based on the following criteria: thesis, support, clarity, organization, and how well you address the prompt. Make a good impression. Respond to One (1) of the prompts completely I also need a good outline for this essay with roman numerals, A’s, and B’s Aristotle Appeals (Logical, Ethical, Emotional appeals) I want to disagree with the topic and say we should have to read them. My professor also wants it to be specific and include a story that we have read in the essay somewhere. One of the stories that we have read was “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin. Could you throw in that this story was a great read and give details on why it was? He also asked us not to use a 3 point thesis statement because they talk too much about the essay at the beginning and that makes the readers feel like they have reread material.