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Addictive and Unhealthy Behaviors

Personality and Sport (Chapter 3)
Feedback, Reinforcement, and Intrinsic Motivation (Chapter 7)
Leadership (Chapter 10)
Introduction to Psychological Skills Training (Chapter 12)
Exercise Behavior and Adherence (Chapter 19)
Addictive and Unhealthy Behaviors (Chapter 21)
Note: If you choose a topic or intervention based on a chapter not yet covered in class, you are responsible for being familiar with the material relevant to that chapter when designing your program or intervention.
You may consider situations that you might encounter as a coach, physical educator, athletic trainer, physical therapist, fitness professional, program coordinator/director/owner, etc. While the type of problem you address is limited (for instance, personality and sport), the situation to which you apply your knowledge is not. Design a program or intervention to prevent or improve the situation. Be specific! In the event that you encounter this situation in the real world you would be able to use the material that you developed for this project “as is.”

Final Product: APA format, typed, double-spaced with 1-inch margins, and includes the following:
An introductory paragraph describing the situation, activity, individuals, age group, skill or ability level, and any other circumstances pertinent to the situation for which you are designing your program or intervention.
A complete description of your program or intervention. How will it work? If it is designed to take place in stages, what are these stages? How often should each stage be used? How will you know if your program or intervention has been effective?
Any forms, overheads, visual aids, or other materials you would use to implement your program or intervention (e.g., if you are doing a goal-setting intervention for high school basketball players, develop the actual form you would use for recording goals). The key to this part of the assignment is to be creative and specific!
Discussion of the limitations of your program or intervention: How might you need to modify it for another sport or a different group? What type of person, team, or situation would this intervention work best with? Why?