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Academic Progress Rate (APR) Calculation

How to do the assignment
1. You are not required to cite sources using a specific academic format. So do not waste time doing that. Your time and energy should be devoted to developing your thoughts and opinions and providing those in a clear and organized manner.

2. I am all for you researching other articles online and learning from more than just from the required reading I post for the class. That is a great move. However, I do not want you to cut and paste sentences from articles to use as your own ideas. You can use the concepts from these other articles to help you form your ideas, but when you write your response, I want it to be in your own words instead of cutting and pasting from the articles. If you do research other articles outside of the required reading that I provide to you and you quote something from that article, it is very important that you reference that article in the quote or in parenthesis after the quote. If you do not reference the article in some way and I recognize the article, I will count off for plagiarism.

3. Do not regurgitate the information back to me that you have been assigned to read. So do not waste time doing that. You can point out items in the readings you want to emphasize, but do not put emphasis on summarizing what you have read. Please focus on providing me your thoughts and opinions after reading the assigned information. If you point out items in the readings, give me your thoughts and opinion on what you point out. The focus should be on what you gain from the information you read in the assignment. Remember, I have read what you have been assigned to read and I know what they say, so I’m not looking for you to regurgitate it back to me. I am a lot more interested in what you learned from the readings and how that has confirmed or changed your opinions.

4. Use your current knowledge or lack of knowledge about college athletics and infuse that with the new information you learn from that week’s reading assignment. Point out how the new assignments information is tied to what you have already learned in previous class assignments. Then tell me what it all means to you. Discuss your opinion of how the previous assignments and that weeks assignment build on each other. Discuss how your opinion of Academic Progress Rate (APR) and Academic Performance Program (APP) and the NCAA has changed or is changing and why. Discuss how your opinion of APR and APP has remained the same and why. In your reflective responses, you have the ability to ask questions, point out items that you see as flaws, note items that are of high interest to you, note items that you just don’t understand the purpose, etc. Remember, you do not have to show me that you read the assignment by giving the information in the readings back to me. Show me you have read the assignment by giving me your critical opinion of what you read.

5. The questions/topics that I post are meant to help you get started, not be the only content you reflect on. Be sure to comment on EACH topic area that I point out. But simply answering the question I post or giving thoughts regarding only the topics I post is not all I’m looking for. The reflective responses are not meant to be in question and answer format. So do not rewrite questions or topics. Do not write Question #1 is and Answer #1 is Your assignment should be in essay format with your thoughts about the provided questions and topics include