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Academic Performance Program (APP) Past, Present & Future

White Paper on Academic Performance Program (APP) – Past, Present and Future
APP Future Directions (President Walter Harrison)
2. Please submit/post your reflective response to this week’s reading. As part of your reflective response, address the below questions/topics.
A. The White Paper listed seven principles of APP. Specifically focusing on principles #’s 2, 3 and 4; based on your opinion rank them in order of most important to least important. Give the reasons why you feel each one is important. Also give your reason why the you listed the principle you chose as third on your list as the least important of the three.
B. After reviewing the APR Timeline article and Terminology article from Assignment #2 and the APP Future Directions article from this assignment (and any other research you have done on APR Delayed Graduation Point), what do you feel was the purpose of the Committee on Academics to allow athletic departments to add an “APR bonus point”, which is called the Delayed Graduation Point? How do you feel the Delayed Graduation Point has potentially affected NCAA Academic Reform?
C. In the APP Future Directions article, you are introduced to three important adjustments to the way in which the APR is calculated and reported, one of which is referenced in the previous question ( Delayed Graduation Point). Of the other two adjustments, which in your opinion is the most significant and provide the reasons why you feel it is?