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a way that technology has changed, or will change, Pharmacy Technician

All 101 assignments must be in Standard English, and must be typed.

The outline is the map to your research paper, which will be an argument of about 1200 words.

This outline forms the framework for your paper, so the more specific and detailed your outline, the less work you have on your draft.

You will work from this basic outline as you write your paper. If your paper alters in form as you draft later, you may want to stop and change the format of your outline, so that you are still on track.

Process :

You will support your argument by citing with evidence from credible sources. At least four sources will be required.

Your topic is a way that technology has changed, or will change, your major field of study.

The thesis must be an argument, so ask a research question, and answer the question to have an argument.


Topic: self-driving cars

Research question: Are self-driving cars a good idea?

Thesis: Self-driving cars are a useful tool for distracted drivers, long distance trips, and some self-driving mechanisms may be integrated into human operated vehicles.

The outline should be in complete sentences; the thesis and topic sentences should frame the majority of the upcoming paper.

All source material must be cited in text paraphrased material as well as quoted material.

!!Important: please note that your assignment requires in-text citations for all evidence