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A Qualitative Case Study of Career and Technical Education Teachers Attitudes About Inclusion

Qualitative Case Study Chapter 1 at least 20 articles. Please send attached paper and comments. (See Attached) Please use the step by step instruction for each section. (See Attached) MEAL strategy is a must Introduction- Every sentence needs a citation. yes, this section can be written from scratch.(update articles) Problem Statements- Please use but need a smoother read. Every sentence must have a citation. (all articles must be from 2016-2021 Purpose Statement: revised/write for scratch. information from (Yen about case study) Theoretical: Writing from scratch, May use information. Bandura’s Theory Nature of Study: Writing from scratch. May use information Research Question: May revise (1 to 2 question) Significance of Study: Writing from scratch. Definition of Key Terms; No dictionary definition Summary; Writing from scratch I truly need a perfect Chapter 1. This is the 4th time I had to take this class and the last change to get approval.